Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions because we talk with exceptional physicians like you on a daily basis.

You care about your patients. So do we.

Here’s a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we hear:

Q:  Is the AllergiEnd Testing System safe to use? 

A:  Yes, both the test apparatus and the allergens used in the testing procedure have been FDA cleared. In fact, we are the most recent allergy test manufacturer to be cleared by the new 2018 FDA standards, which are much stricter than earlier regulations. Our AllergiEnd kits have gone through three months of extensive internal testing so you can feel confident your patients are receiving the safest allergy skin testing procedure on the market. The allergen extracts used in the AllergiEnd system all come from leading world suppliers.

Q:  Is it difficult to read the AllergiEnd diagnostic results?

A:   Not at all. Our exclusive reporting form is color coded and easy-to-read. Each testing kit includes a single-use, disposable measuring device. Our system ensures intra-tester reliability, making documentation efficient, fast and error free. 

Q:  How will I find time to train my staff in the AllergiEnd testing technique?

A:  We’ll take care of everything. We provide on-site technical training for your entire medical staff along with our online AllergiEnd University, which includes a certificate for each staff member upon completion. You and your team will have access to an accredited continuing medical education (CME) course: “Allergy Diagnostics and Immunotherapy in Primary Care.”

Q:  Do you provide marketing materials so that I can let my patients know about AllergiEnd?

A:  Yes. Full-color promotional posters for your lobby and exam rooms along with plenty of patient educational brochures and screening questionnaires will be provided. These visual aids will help you and your staff easily identify candidates who will benefit from AllergiEnd testing.

Q:  Is the AllergiEnd diagnostic test reimbursable? 

A:  Absolutely. The AllergiEnd diagnostic test for allergic diseases is fully reimbursable for primary care physicians when used in conjunction with ICD-10-CM codes supporting its medical necessity. As part of our service package, we provide billing and coding support for your administrative staff.

Q:  If I begin offering this new medical service, how will I attract new patients to my practice?

A:  We’ll provide comprehensive marketing support including suggested digital content you can immediately install on your practice’s website. We’ll even give you and your team some professionally crafted, social media posts you can copy and paste or modify as you wish that will encourage targeted customer engagement. We also have email templates you can immediately utilize to promote your AllergiEnd services within your existing client database.

Q:  Should certain allergy patients not be tested using the AllergiEnd method? 

A:  Yes. Although skin testing is the preferred diagnostic standard for patients suspected of suffering from symptoms linked to allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma and/or atopic dermatitis, there are instances when skin testing is not ideal or when false readings may occur.

For example, physicians should order a specific IgE allergen blood test if prior skin tests were inconclusive or suspected as yielding false negative results or if the patient is:

  • Pregnant
  • An infant whose caregiver does not expect they will tolerate skin testing
  • Unable to discontinue antihistamines or other interfering medications
  • At risk of systemic reaction (such as an anaphylactic reaction due to allergens being tested)
  • Prone to extensive dermatitis/dermatrographia resulting in a positive response to the negative control
  • Certain asthma patients with severe or non-responding treatment history

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