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MIT Research Grant Finalists Pitch Chronic Disease Cure at the United Nations
Innovative digital coaching solution positioned to tackle worldwide diabetes and obesity epidemics


West Palm Beach, Fla – Board-certified endocrinologist, Reza Yavari, M.D. has teamed with MedScience Research Group of West Palm Beach to empower primary care physicians to better address two of the planet’s greatest health care challenges: obesity and diabetes. On March 7, 2017 Dr. Yavari will present live at the United Nations, New York City at the Massachusetts of Technology (MIT) sponsored Solve competition along with other challenge finalists from around the world addressing topics of worldwide significance in three categories: Refugee Education; Carbon Contributions; and Chronic Diseases.

“We are losing the global battle against obesity and diabetes,” says Yale based Dr. Yavari, founder and CEO of Beyond Care LLC, a leading lifestyle management company in Connecticut. “With international initiatives such as MIT’s Solve, we are hopeful we can reverse this critical trend.”

By 2025, it is estimated that the number of U.S. adults with diabetes will exceed 50 million. The annual cost of diabetes in the U.S. alone will soon surpass the total yearly healthcare expenditure of $3 trillion. The digital self-coaching program for obesity and diabetes proposed by Dr. Yavari and MedScience provides users a digital lifestyle change program, which is offered in financial incentive-based model.

Solve is an initiative of MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence and aimed at developing and implementing real and lasting solutions to the world’s greatest challenges— from education and health to energy and inequality. Solve is a community that brings together technologists and researchers, social entrepreneurs and business leaders, policy makers, change agents, and activists from across the globe to unearth and implement solutions to specific actionable challenges.

Dr. Yavari’s proposal, “A Digital Platform For Automated Self-Coaching For Obesity & Diabetes” is a collaborative project with Troy Grogan, President and CEO of MedScience Research Group of West Palm Beach, Florida. “With MedScience’s efforts, we hope to roll out our digital lifestyle change program quickly in physicians’ offices and other sites to reach many people at risk of diabetic and obesity complications.”

Finalists will be judged on the novelty, feasibility, impact and quality of their proposals. The best solutions presented at the U.N. will be selected as ‘Solvers’ and will receive support from the Solve community and be invited to and featured prominently at Solve at MIT in May 2017.

“Our scalable, evidence-based obesity and diabetes screening and digital coaching tool will be an invaluable tool for primary care physicians and their patients to efficiently monitor obese and diabetic individuals,” says Grogan.  “This noninvasive, cost effective application will provide patients and their physicians access to resources employed by highly-trained practitioners at a fraction of the cost of current intensive behavioral therapy programs for weight loss and diabetes management.” The smartphone application will offer scientifically validated noninvasive screening, predicative weight loss targets and digital coaching Including nutrition intervention, exercise and behavior modification counseling.

During the voting phase, anyone (age 18+) can register free on the Solve CoLab website. To select the Yavari entry, click on and choose “vote for solution.” Voting concludes on February 28, 2017.

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About Reza Yavari, M.D.

Reza Yavari M.D. is a Board certified endocrinologist trained at the Yale School of Medicine. As a Founder and CEO of Beyond Care® since 2000, he has been a leader in the field of lifestyle management aimed at metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Yavari is a regular guest on national and local radio and television stations and lectures frequently to a variety of audiences. His efforts and his book titled It Must Be My Metabolism (McGraw-Hill) have been featured in the New York Times, the Yoga Journal, Shape Magazine, NPR, CNN News Live, More magazine, among other national press and media. His upcoming book titled Situational Coaching together with an accompanied software app called Health Lifecards will soon be available for health seekers who wish to self-coach to lose weight and reduce diabetes risk by means of therapeutic lifestyle change.


About MedScience Research Group

MedScience Research Group, Inc. (MedScience) develops proprietary diagnostic equipment and products directed for use by the primary care physician. The key criteria of such equipment and products is to provide the primary care physician with a broader avenue in which to practice evidence-based medicine where before it may have been necessary to refer the patient to a specialist. MedScience focuses on diagnostic and treatment protocols that lower medical costs to patients and insurance providers while enhancing the revenue for the primary care physician community.




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