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If you would learn more about the growing allergy crisis in the US; and how primary care physicians, pediatricians, family doctors and other non-allergy medical professional are on the front lines helping their patients find relief.

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Fact, there is a growing shortage of allergists in the United States. The allergy and asthma crisis is further aggravated by the shortage of primary care physicians who have the special training necessary to diagnose and treat patients in their offices. As a result, trained primary care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses are playing an increasingly important role in treating allergy sensitive patients. A recent paper published by Allergy and Asthma authorities around the world calls for non-allergy specialists to have access to more specialized and ongoing training (Pawankar et al. 2013).

The AllergiEnd system is a patented, highly-esteemed, user-friendly allergy testing & treatment program designed with the non-allergy health professional in mind. We have been helping non-allergist physicians treat their patients suffering while increasing practice revenue for four years. (testimonials)

Our system allows medical practitioners the ability to quickly and accurately diagnosis, and treat patient allergies in their own offices, without the need for third party referrals.

The test is easy to administer and results are available in 15-20 minutes. The physician can immediately decide whether the patient is a good candidate for in-house treatment, or if they should be referred to a board-certified allergy and immunology specialist. If the patient can be treated in-office, the AllergiEnd system provides simple, ongoing allergy treatment options (allergen immunotherapy) that can be administered by you and your staff, ultimately helping your patients to feel better and improving their overall quality of life while increasing practice revenue.

The AllergiEnd system comes with complete training and ongoing support, including training for billing personnel. Download the list of established CPT codes that reimburse for allergy testing and treatment.

What does it include?

Our comprehensive system provides everything you need to be successful in your practice. Your success is our success. The AllergiEnd system makes implementation as seamless as possible and provides comprehensive training and support:

  • Onsite personalized training for you and your staff
  • All equipment necessary to perform safe allergy skin testing
  • Free registration to our easy online training platform
  • Free CME & continuing education for you and your staff
  • Allergy treatment education for your patients
  • Promotional posters, brochures, questionnaires and screening tools
  • Support for your web manager to create engaging online patient advertisements
  • Support for your billing and administrative personnel
  • Allergen immunotherapy solutions that are safely administered by your staff, or self-administered by the patient at home
  • Access to evidence-based treatment guidelines and the latest scientific research